Bell Helicopter

Centaurium Aviation is an independent representative of Bell Helicopter in Switzerland. Bell has been reimagining the experience of flight for more than 75 years. Visit the official Bell Flight website to learn more about Bell.



Mountainflyers is our partner for helicopter pilot training. Its flight schools are located next to our offices in Berne, Grenchen and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Our preferred partner for pilot equipment.


VRM Switzerland offers virtual-reality flight simulators that have revolutionised flight training. Each simulator’s visual system provides 3D vision with unprecedented resolution. Experience VRMOTION in Grenchen and Bern at Mountainflyers flight bases.

Vuichard Recovery

Claude Vuichard has developed operational techniques which facilitate helicopter flying and greatly improve operational helicopter safety. Centaurium Aviation is the platinum sponsor of the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation.

Grenchen Airport

Jura-Grenchen airport is the largest regional airport in Switzerland. It is also the main airport for pilot training.

Swiss Rotor Hub

At the Swiss Rotor Hub, you can find all everything you need to operate helicopters: training, maintenance and specialist services. It provides concentrated helicopter expertise under one roof.